Bakery/Food Applications

Texwrap designs wrappers for a variety of bakery applications including frozen pizzas, cakes, and a wide variety of other baked items. Other food items including sauces, condiments, eggs, potatoes, and broccoli can also be wrapped for cosmetic, food safety, or mutipacking purposes.  In addition, shrink wrapping can be used to significantly extend the shelf life of many products.

Texwrap has more than 15 years experience designing and building shrink wrapping solutions for the bakery & food industry ranging from the simple wrapping of fresh-baked products to the super high speed wrapping of frozen pizzas and fresh produce. Texwrap infeed systems can handle the most delicate products at speed without damage. Wrappers and infeeds can be ordered in stainless steel versions with various washdown and clean design options. Servo controls minimize maintenance and provide extremely accurate print registration. And, as an added advantage, Texwrap wrappers can usually reduce the amount of film used on every package compared to competitive systems.


Bakery/Pizza Solutions

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Fresh Produce Solutions

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Application Videos:

Fresh & Frozen Pizza

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Fresh Produce

Dairy Products

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Frozen Foods

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Cartoned Product

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Prepared Meals

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Pet Products

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Candy & Snacks

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Fresh & Frozen PizzaFrozen pizza

Bakery Goodsbakery trays

Fresh ProduceFresh Produce

Dairy ProductsDairy Products


Frozen FoodsFrozen foods

Cartoned ProductCartoned product

MultipacksFood group

Prepared MealsPrepared meals

Pet ProductsPet products

Candy & Snackscandy and confections

Aseptic PackagingAseptic packaging