Demo Facility with Wi-Fi Camera

Texwrap’s 5,000 square foot demonstration facility is equipped with a broad range of wrappers, infeeds and tunnels for customer demonstrations. In addition to being able to do live, hands-on presentations, a camera system allows internet access with the ability to let the viewer see all or any part of the system operation. 

In addition to demonstrations, finished systems are moved from the factory floor and re-assembled for factory acceptance tests or FATs. An FAT is an optional pre-shipment run-off of a system under near-production conditions. Customers provide sufficient quantities of product to allow running all packages at the expected rates. This allows us to address issues before the machine ships. This means a smooth startup and the customer being in full production as quickly as possible.

An essential part of the FAT process involves training the customer’s operation and maintenance personnel. Our technicians cover every aspect of the machine’s operation, determine the setup parameters for each product and record them in the machine’s program library so, when the system arrives at the customer's facility, it’s ready to go. 

 Texwrap demonstration facility