Standard Products

Texwrap makes the broadest line of standard shrink wrappers and ancillary equipment in the industry. From L-seal wrappers designed for slower applications to servo orbital wrappers designed to wrap 200 packages per minute, Texwrap has a standard shrink wrap system to fit every need. Each style of wrapper is designed for the particular needs of an application. Find the one that is right for you.

L-Seal Wrappers >

Chosen for slow speed, compact size or smaller budgets

2219 L Seal WrapperLearn More


Intermittent motion side seal >

Low to moderate speed applications in which the product stops during sealing

Intermittent side Seal WrapperLearn More


Continuous motion side seal >

Allows a continuous non-stop product flow for higher speeds

Continuous motion side sealersLearn More


Lap Seal Wrappers >

Wrap products with a nearly invisible seam on the bottom

Lap Seal wrapperLearn More


Vertical Wrapping Systems  >

Vertical systems for wrapping products upright at high speed

914OVS Vertical wrapping system

Learn More


Tunnels >

Different lengths and styles of tunnels to fit nearly any application

Shrink tunnelsLearn More


Conveyors >

From belted to flighted to very custom high speed versions

Conveyors & InfeedsLearn More