Continuous Motion Side/Top Sealers

In continuous motion wrappers, the incoming stream of products does not stop while the end seal is being made, thereby increasing throughput speed.  Continuous motion wrappers are available in several styles. 

Continuous “box-motion”

During the time required to make the seal, the jaws close and the carriage moves forward with the package at the same speed. As the seal is completed, the seal jaws open and the carriage quickly returns to engage the next package. Box-motion refers to this rectangular-shaped path of the sealing head.

Continuous orbital

This is the ultimate in speed available in continuous-motion sealers. Patented by Texwrap, orbital head wrappers combine very fast, precise servo controls with an elliptical motion of the sealing head. This motion allows extremely fast speeds to be reached by drastically reducing the movement needed by the head in order to make the seal.

Texwrap Versa Seal side seal

Texwrap side seal wrappers use our exclusive Versa Seal side seal to insure consistent, high quality seals across a wide range of film types and gauges. The TVS is a very simple device yet offers outstanding control of the three elements necessary for a good seal - pressure, temperature and time. TVS requires no air and has very few moving parts for ease of operation and minimal maintenance.

Model ST-2011SSR >

Texwrap's most popular wrapper for low to moderate speed applications

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Model STB-1407SS >

Texwrap's newest servo box-motion wrapper

e1407SS side seal wrapper

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Model 1407TTS >

Texwrap's servo top trim seal wrapper for special applications

1407TTS top trim seal wrapper

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Model STB-145SS >

Texwrap's newest high speed servo orbital wrapper

145SS Side Seal Wrapper

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Model STB-1809SS >

High Speed servo wrapper

1809SS side seal wrapper

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Model STB-2814SS >

High Speed servo wrapper for large products

2814SS continuous motion side sealer

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Model STB-205SSCR >

Corrosion resistant servo orbital wrapper for food applications

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