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Texwrap’s New 3-Year “Built-Better/Backed-Better Limited Warranty”©


Texwrap now offers the most comprehensive equipment warranty in the shrink packaging industry. It’s longer, more inclusive, transferrable- and it’s standard. With thousands of time-tested units in the field, our new “Built-Better/Backed-Better Warranty” clearly reflects the confidence we have in our equipment and the reputation we’ve earned with our customers for reliable, long-term trouble-free operation. 

Texwrap now warrants all Texwrap manufactured components against defects in design, materials, and workmanship for 3 years- unlimited cycles. All purchased components are warranted for one full year.

What lets us stand behind our equipment longer? It’s simply built better. In engineering, long before the assembly process starts, the sophisticated software we use allows our designers to stress-test critical components and assemblies in the computer to predict where failures might happen and eliminate them before the first part is ever produced. Secondly, because Texwrap is part of Stork Fabricators, every fabricated part is produced to exacting specifications on some of the most accurate and high-tech metal cutting, forming, and machining equipment available. In final assembly, every machine is built according to a precise step-by-step instruction manual that accompanies every unit through production. And finally, every Texwrap wrapper is thoroughly run after final assembly to insure that it meets our exacting standards and to insure that the customer will get years of outstanding service from their Texwrap product.

Even Texwrap’s purchased parts warranty is longer than most- 1 year on everything. This is possible because of our long-term relationships and experience with key suppliers. They have a history with us and a level of confidence in our designs that allows them to extend warranties to us beyond what they normally offer.

The fact that we warranty our machines longer is a concrete way to demonstrate that “lowest total cost of ownership” is not just a slogan, it’s part of the superior value built into every Texwrap system.

The “Built-Better/Backed-Better Warranty”© is effective on all Texwrap built machines shipped after July 1, 2011. Contact your Texwrap distributor for more details.