Canning Solutions

Automation to combat the shortage of skilled labor

Texwrap is proud to be a part of ProMach's comprehensive canning solutions line. ProMach's canning portfolio includes 13 brands with equipment ranging from the beginning of the line, to end of line solutions.

In the ever-changing beverage and canning industry, companies have had to adjust to evolving consumer demands and trends while maintaining production. Many have turned to automation to combat the shortage of skilled labor as well. As trends of sustainability, functionality, convenience and health consciousness drive SKU expansion to these already burdened lines, suppliers seek trusted, experienced packaging automation vendors.

Texwrap’s shrink packaging expertise spans decades - working with large and small operations throughout the food and beverage industries. Ranging from regional producers needing medium speed capability, to the largest national brands requiring extreme high-speed custom solutions.

Regardless of the speed required, Texwrap’s heavy duty and reliable shrink packaging systems can improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, increase production and better utilize your operating space. The quality and durability of Texwrap equipment provides the lowest total cost of ownership available in the market today.

Promach Best in Class Canning Solutions
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Designed to handle a wide variety of packaged food and beverage products in print registered film. The SRX series has a robust, industrial design while providing easy access for operation and maintenance.

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The Tekkra in-line wrappers are designed for shrink bundling products that can stand by themselves.

Robust, industrial shrink bundlers designed for reliability and creating a consistent end package for slow to moderate speeds. Tekkra bundlers utilize duals rolls of clear film.