Contract Packaging Solutions

The go-to choices for Contract Packagers large and small are Texwrap's CSS-2011, BVS-914, Kayat SRX & TLS-2219

When OEMs have a specific, short-term product packaging demand, they turn to contract packagers.

Whether they require regional unitization of bulk packaged products, short term promotional products, or small, new product test runs, Texwrap shrink packaging equipment is uniquely suited to meet those demands.

Tailored for contract packaging requirements, Texwrap shrink wrappers are robust, durable solutions, with a high degree of flexibility and ease of changeover.

Texwrap designs its shrink-wrapping solutions to wrap a wide range of products while minimizing the amount of film and changeover time required. Our robust, durable machines will operate 24/7 for 7 days a week.

Kayat SRX 0001 v2

Kayat SRX

Kayat Series Shrink Bundlers

  • Continuous motion shrink bundler for applications requiring up to 60 bundles per minute
  • Recipe-driven changeover decreasing overall downtime
  • Robust, industrial design provides easy access for operation and maintenance
  • Compatible with single roll clear or print registered film
2011 500


CSS Series Continuous Motion Side Sealers

  • Utilizes Texwrap Versa Seal (TVS) technology to insure consistent, high-quality seals across a wide range of film types and gauges
  • Ideal for applications requiring the moderate speed wrapping of packages where a side seal is desired
  • Designed to handle a wide range of products and can be easily changed over between product runs
OVS 914 960 x 720


BVS Series Box-Motion Vertical Wrappers

  • Wraps products in a vertical position eliminating the need to re-orient products horizontally
  • Ideal for applications requiring high speed wrapping of products with bottom or top trim seal
  • Optional print registration
2219 CR 4x3 10 28 19 v2

TLS-2219 & TLS-3322

TLS Series L-Sealers

  • Most economical shrink-wrapping solution
  • Ideal for applications where speeds are slow to moderate
  • Versatile wrappers within a defined range of product sizes


• Full line of shrink wrapping solutions to meet the application requirements for flexibility and durability.

• Long history of industry experience partnering with customers to provide a complete shrink wrapping solution.

• Texwrap’s unmatched equipment reliability is backed by an industry leading 10-year warranty and represents the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

• Texwrap’s full portfolio of quality shrink machines are designed, fabricated, and built in the U.S.A

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We have worked with Contract Packagers large and small to find solutions that fit their operation, their budget and their plans for growth.

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