e-Commerce Mailing

Wrap-to-ship and Wrap-to Stock e-Commerce Packaging Systems

Texwrap's new e-commerce mailer bag system is a perfect solution for e-commerce fulfillment companies wanting to reduce costs due to dimensional weight shipping charges. FedEx, UPS and even the USPS in some cases use dimensional weight (dim weight) instead of actual weight in calculating shipping charges. This method takes into consideration not only the actual weight of the package but also the volume or size of the box. These freight companies discovered that shippers were filling up their trucks and planes with 2 oz items in oversized boxes filled with air pillows or other types of dunnage. Now that there is a cost to using that space, shippers are looking for more cost effective methods of packaging.

To solve this problem, Texwrap combined its new continuous motion side seal wrapper with an ID Technology scanner/label applicator. The scanning system reads a bar code from the pick ticket on products or groups of products as they travel on a conveyor entering the wrapper and retrieves the shipping information from a database. Photoeyes located on the conveyor read the leading and trailing edges of the product and encoders on the conveyors track the product into the labeling area in order to center it for the label and to minimize the bag length when the end seal cuts them apart. After the bags are labeled and sealed, they are ready to be dimensioned and the billable weight calculated. This can be accomplished by an existing system, one procured from a third party, or one that can be provided by Texwrap.

EPS-3322 L-Sealer

For moderate speed environments

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EPS-2011 Side Sealer

For high speed e-commerce environments

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