Productivity Enhancements

Texwrap offers many options designed to increase line productivity. One great example is our automatic film splicing system. In applications where space for product accumulation is limited and there is no ability to rack-off during film changes, this system is capable of splicing a spent roll of film to a full supply roll at speeds of up to 200 feet/minute with no interruption of the wrapping process. After the splice, an operator can remove the film core, load a new roll and prepare the system for the next cycle. The automatic film splicer is even capable of accurately splicing between blocks on print-registered film so that no packages where the film was spliced need to be removed from the line.

Be sure to ensure a consistent, high quality seal no matter what type or gauge of film you use with the Texwrap side seal wrappers. Our exclusive Texwrap Versa Seal system combines the three elements needed for a good seal: time, pressure and temperature.