Vertical Seal Systems

The cost of labor to assemble packages for wrapping and the ever higher speeds required of packaging lines are making devices such as multi-axis robots, pick and place units, and friction feeders a cost-effective option for automating the loading of a shrink wrap system. Mechanical feeders can significantly reduce or eliminate hand feeding and can manipulate items in precise ways and at speeds that are beyond human ability.

From the complex, high speed vertical orbital servo wrappers configured to position products facing the same in several multipack configurations to moderate speed box motion vertical sealers configured with a simple flighted conveyor to manually load products, Texwrap’s experience allows us to deliver a complete system that will provide years of:

  • Reliability
  • Low-cost service

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Texwrap is able to combine its BVS Series Vertical Seal Wrapper with automated infeeds and forced air convection shrink tunnel to fully automated shrink wrapping solution. Our BVS Series is ideal for moderately high speed continuous wrapping applications.

Through our history in the shrink wrapping industry, Texwrap has developed several standard infeed designs that can be configured to introduce product to the wrapping reducing the overall manual labor required for the operation. Whether the application requires stacking, sorting, dividing, combining, controlling, orienting, or a combination of these, we have a solution.

Texwrap combines its OVS Series Vertical Wrappers with automated infeeds and forced air convection shrink tunnels, to create fully automated shrink wrapping solutions. Our OVS Series is ideal for high speed continuous wrapping applications.