ISS Series Turnkey Solution

Texwrap’s ISS Series Side Seal Wrappers can be configured with an infeed from Texwrap to take the product from the upstream equipment and handle it to prepare the product to be wrapped and then passed through the shrink tunnel to fully automate the wrapping process. Texwrap has developed a variety of standard infeed designs or we can create a unique design depending on the application requirement. Our ISS Series Side Seal Turnkey Solutions provide the customer with a complete solution to reduce or dramatically reduce manual labor required for the line’s shrink wrapping operations.

Features and Benefits
  • Configured solution with OSS Series Wrapper, Infeed and Shrink Tunnel
  • Corrosion Resistant options for Washdown environments
  • FAT includes entire turnkey solution before installing at factory site

Texwrap designs wrappers for a variety of bakery applications including frozen pizzas, cakes, and a wide variety of other baked items for cosmetic, food safety, or multipacking purposes. In addition, shrink wrapping can be used to significantly extend the shelf life of many products.

Texwrap has more than 15 years experience designing and building shrink wrapping solutions for the bakery industry ranging from the simple wrapping of fresh-baked products to the super high speed wrapping of frozen pizzas. Texwrap infeed systems can handle the most delicate products at speed without damage. Wrappers and infeeds can be ordered in stainless steel versions with various washdown and clean design options. Servo controls minimize maintenance and provide extremely accurate print registration. And, as an added advantage, Texwrap wrappers can usually reduce the amount of film used on every package compared to competitive systems.

ISS Series Turnkey Bakery Systems Solutions

Whether your need is for products to be divided into multiple lanes or combined from multiple lanes into one for wrapping, Texwrap can design and build an infeed system to suit the application. Unlike many other manufacturers in our business who only want to make wrappers and who like to decline to make or contract out the conveying systems, Texwrap will design complete infeeds and take responsibility for the entire system. Our customers are assured that all of the pieces work together and startups go very smoothly.

Packages made up of multiple items can be assembled automatically in-line prior to being wrapped. Flighted infeed systems can be paired with multiple friction feeders where each station feeds a different item into a lug pocket which then carries the assembled package into the wrapper. Some examples of this might be rainbow packs of construction paper for scrapbooking, sets of various printed forms which are used together, or packets of sales brochures for delivery to dealers for display. These systems not only eliminate the hand labor of assembling the packets but also dramatically speed up the process.

ISS Series Turnkey Inserting & Onserting Solutions