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Texwrap Vertical Systems

Vertical Wrapping Systems

In addition to horizontal wrappers, Texwrap also makes vertical continuous motion sealers. We took our technology from the horizontal wrappers and applied it to wrap products in the upright position. Vertical wrappers are used to wrap multipacks of products such as bottles, cans, jars, or canisters directly from a filler.

Once found only in club stores, multipacks have quickly grown in popularity as marketers have found them a great way to offer special pricing promotions or to package different forms of the same item in variety packs. With this growth, packagers needed a way to shrink wrap these packs without the labor and expense of laying them down prior to wrapping on conventional shrink systems. Even then, the only practical way to hold the items together to keep them from rolling while being wrapped is to use a chipboard carrier or "boot" . These not only add expense but also packaging material in an age where the pressure is to reduce wherever possible.

Texwrap vertical wrappers eliminate these problems while making a very secure and attractive package for store display. Texwrap systems do not require a carrier to hold products in place while wrapping. In applications where the boot was also used to hide bar codes, the packager can now use printed film or a label to hide the bar codes and identify the new unit as a multipack. The servo controls on the 514 and 914OVS give precise product and film control which allows high speed wrapping with precise print registration. To create the most attractive and secure package, Texwrap does not use a bottom lap seal which can fail or an unsightly side seam on the face of the package. Instead, we use our exclusive Versa Seal system to create a full, secure bottom trim seal.

In order to make this system even more effective, Texwrap also offers a label positioning system as an option. Using servo-driven gripper wheels, the orienting head spins each item to a predetermined position so that the labels are precisely aligned. This makes a very attractive and functional multipack. The system is even flexible enough to handle multiple UPC codes in a variety pack.

Texwrap vertical systems are capable of wrapping up to 90 3-packs/minute while using Texwrap technology to wrap with the least amount of film possible.