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Cleaning & Household Products

Our obsession with designing shrink wrapping solutions tailored for household products and cleaning supplies is why so many companies rely on Texwrap to help them get their products to market.

Paper products, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, floor cleaners, soaps and more, whether it’s stacked, rolled, or in bottles, tubs, boxes or jugs Texwrap shrink wrappers bring it all together – pristine presentation, secure containment and unmatched equipment reliability.

Texwrap machines that are well suited for the household and cleaning products industries include our high speed vertical wrappers, the 514OVS and 914OVS, as well as the 2219 L-seal and 1809 side seal wrappers.

The 514 and 914OVS vertical wrappers can be placed in-line with the filler while product is standing upright. So, you can collate and shrink wrap retail-ready multi-packs immediately, keeping them clean and contained. Our 2219 and 1809SS have been used in diverse applications such as paper plates and bowls, dish soap, pet products, light bulbs and more.

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