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Tekkra is a leading developer of shrink wrapping and bundling systems for food and bakery products. For the food industry, Tekkra has developed specific integrated packaging systems to ensure that products remain intact throughout shipping, distribution, and stocking.

Packaging food and bakery products requires gentle handling and wrapping. Keeping products from breaking, melting, spilling, or leaking is vital. At Tekkra, a team of experts provides advanced solutions and incorporates the latest technologies to meet strict consumer demands. Robust designs are utilized to keep shrink wrapping solutions efficient and reliable without sacrificing time consuming maintenance. Food industry machinery is compact to preserve floor space. The heavy duty stainless steel tubular frame design ensures high quality production and durability. And for added security, this industry often demands systems which incorporate stainless-steel-mesh metal-framed guard doors.

The intermittent motion bundling and shrink wrapping systems are specifically designed to handle unsupported and unstable products. The Side-Infeed Multi-Packer 200 Series is ideal for use in the food industry. This system features durable, reliable, and structurally sound machinery designed for packing products with speed, precision, and gentle handling.

As products are being transported through the machinery, operators experience ease of use and accessibility. Food industry systems include maintenance accessibility throughout and ergonomic, quick-change powered fill cradles as well as optional discharge systems with a “hot melt” glue system, 90 degree transfers, conveyor extensions, and more.

Features include the Allen Bradley PLC and operator interface. This technology is user friendly and helps operators quickly package products. Additional features include a servo-driven seal assembly, servo-driven main ram for product control, and a Nema 4 electrical package.

To keep products safe and secure as they are being packaged, Tekkra has incorporated a tunnel discharge cooling station for fast film curing. Collation systems are available as add-on features and include lane dividers, stackers, feed screws, and pick-and-place systems.

Tekkra specializes in turn-key solutions for bundling and shrink wrapping, collation, labeling, case packing, and palletizing. It is vital for food products to be carefully wrapped and case packed without damaging the packaging units. Products can be handled with special robotic tools designed by Tekkra to insure gentle handling and product integrity.

The 300 Series machinery guides products along a single lane to be divided into multiple lanes for quick bundling. Once bundled, products are wrapped and operators can remove them from the machine.