Tekkra Shrink Bundling Systems

Tekkra excels in sleeve wrap and bundle applications where the package has open ends commonly referred to as “bull's eyes”. Tekkra shrink wrappers and bundlers can automatically collate various pack patterns. The products travel through a polyethylene curtain to create a film sleeve. These bundling solutions are efficient and durable to create a lasting wrap.

The Tekkra shrink building systems feature:

  • Heavy duty frame
  • Maximum maintenance accessibility
  • Clear print film wrapping equipment
  • Manual or automated infeed system

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The 100 Series in-line sleeve wrapper works efficiently to wrap products while conserving materials.

For efficiency in the production room, the continuous motion tray wrapper is the perfect solution.

Inline sleeve wrapping equipment, 200 Series, is designed to wrap products of all shapes and sizes.

The continuous motion in-line bundler 5200 Series works at a high speed for maximum efficiency.