Shrink Tunnels

Often overlooked, the design of a shrink tunnel often plays as large a role as the wrapper itself in the quality and appearance of the final package. Texwrap tunnels have proven over many years of use to deliver superior shrink results. Unless a tunnel can impart sufficient energy into the film early enough to create the maximum ballooning effect and allow the bubble to collapse at just the right rate, the film won't shrink to its maximum extent, imperfections won't be cleaned up and the end result will be less than desirable. The heater size, fan velocity, volume of air, control of the direction of the air, belt type, and tunnel length are all critical factors in the choice of a tunnel. 

Forced air convection tunnels >

High output for excellent shrink results on most packages

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New! Entry level tunnel T818 >

A perfect companion to the Spartan L-sealer  

T818 tunnelLearn More


Radiant convection tunnels >

Gentle shrink for difficult or lightweight products

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Top compression tunnels >

Top and bottom belt design keeps thin products flat

Overhead compression tunnelsLearn More 


Corrosion Resistant Tunnels >

Stainless steel construction for harsh or wet environments..

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Poly Film/Bundling Tunnels >

Special link-belt conveyor and cooling fan on the exit.

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