L-Seal Wrappers

L-sealers are named for the L-shaped seal configuration which simultaneously makes the end and side seal of one package as well as the front seal of the trailing package. Generally chosen for applications where speeds are slow to moderate or where space is limited, these sealers can be affordable and versatile wrappers within a certain range of product sizes. Available in different seal sizes, the most common limiting factor with L-sealers is product length.

L-Seal Wrappers from Texwrap include:

  • Spartan Series – 2215 L-Sealers
  • TLS Series L-Sealers

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The Spartan ST-2215 L-Sealer offers the best fit in operations where space is at a premium, where the need is for an automatic wrapper that is simple and easy to operate, or where budget is a primary concern.

The TLS-2219 Intermittent Motion L-Seal System and larger 3322 are easy to use and rugged enough for constant operation. They come standard with premium features not available on competitive models in this price range.