LSS Series Horizontal Lap Sealers

Texwrap LSS Series can accommodate thermo seal lap seal, static seal lap seal and a thermo static lap seal either as operator options within the same machine or dedicated to one type depending on the application. The LSS series has a standard overhead with an option for a floor mount cradle with manual splice or dual cradle auto splice. Texwrap’s patented orbital servo head combined with the 200 feet per minute conveyor speed make them ideal for high speed production environments.

Features & Specs
  • Maximum film/belt speed 200 FPM
  • Patented orbital servo head design keeps blade & pad vertical through entire range of motion making tighter packages and reducing film usage.
  • Heated bottom seal pad
  • Variable-speed, inverter-duty AC motors
  • Overhead, powered-nip-roller film delivery system; maximum 40"W flat film
  • Variable speed, servo-controlled exit conveyor to relax bridged film at cross seal
  • Optional film splicing available
  • Multiple seal options: static, thermal, combinations, etc