Shrink Wrapping Solutions: Side Seal & L-Seal Wrappers & Industrial Wrapping Equipment

Texwrap video library includes videos covering diverse applications from building and construction supplies, such as flooring and shutters, to automotive parts and hardware. On the other end of the spectrum Texwarp's shrink wrapping and bundling solutions run fragile eggs, fresh bakery products, pharmaceuticals, produce, spirits and pizza.

Learn more about Texwrap machinery, including:

  • L-Seal Wrappers
  • Side Seal Wrappers
  • Vertical Systems
  • Lap Seal Wrappers
  • Auto Mailer Systems for e-Commerce
  • Forced Air Convection Tunnels
  • Tekkra Shrink Bundling Systems
  • Turnkey Wrapping Solutions

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Texwrap L-seal wrappers are an affordable & versatile option for your slow to moderate packing needs or for areas with limited space. See L-Sealer applications wrapping everything from eggs, pizzas and vegetables to textbooks, paper products, air filters and multipacks beauty aids and pharma products.

Texwrap's side seal machines can run random products of infinite length. They are ideal for products large and small, and with intermittent motion, continuous motion and orbital motion series there's a side seal for most any speed production line.

Watch Texwrap high speed vertical wrappers at work packaging everything from multipack mini bottles of spirits, to soaps, cleaning supplies, canisters of wipes and more.

Lap seal wrappers place a nearly invisible overlap seal under the package making a very attractive package while using the minimum width film.

View e-Pack auto mailer systems in action

Forced air convection tunnels use large volumes of high velocity air to impart sufficient shrink energy to the film. For most products, this type of tunnel does an excellent job. Texwrap’s standard line of forced air tunnels have proven over years of use to be capable of producing excellent results with most packages.

Whether your application requires stacking, sorting, dividing, combining, controlling, orienting, or a combination of these, Texwrap can configure a solution to meet these needs. Solutions can include automated infeeds, wrappers and shrink tunnels to provide a fully automated turnkey wrapping solution.

Texwrap has a full portfolio of in-line shrink bundlers designed for a variety of applications. These packages are wrapped in polyethylene film to protect or unitize the products and appearance is not the primary concern. These packages are typically open with bullseyes on the ends.