In-line Bundling Solutions

Texwrap has a full portfolio of in-line shrink bundlers designed for a variety of applications. Shrink "bundling" generally is used to produce a more functional package. These packages are wrapped in polyethylene film to protect or unitize the products and appearance is not the primary concern. These packages are typically open with bullseyes on the ends.

Shrink bundled packages can include:

  • Loose Product
  • Unsupported product wrapped in film only
  • Product on corrugated pads
  • Product in trays

With any inquiries and to learn more about Texwrap's inline bundling systems, contact Texwrap today.

Intermittent motion shrink bundler designed to wrap tray products at slow to moderate speeds with dual rolls of clear film.

The Tekkra 1000 Series are continuous motion shrink bundlers that wrap trays or loose products at moderate speeds using dual rolls of clear film.

The SRX Series machine platform includes continuous motion shrink bundlers that wrap loose or trays of product in clear or print registered film at moderate to high speeds.