Texwrap offers a number of different types of standard conveyors, including flighted, flight bar, rope belt, multipacker and belted and all are available in 5' increments to meet various application needs. All of our infeed systems are designed to be interchangeable with all of our L-bar and side sealers. This is a distinct advantage when a customer later has to modify production lines or needs to accommodate a new application. Several styles of guides are available to best suit a wide variety of applications.


In addition to the standard offerings shown below, Texwrap designs and builds custom infeed conveyors to fit nearly any application. Whether your product requires stacking, sorting, dividing, combining, controlling, orenting, or a combination of these, Texwrap has a solution.


Texwrap conveyors are designed for years of trouble-free use and are ruggedly built to handle the same 24/7 duty cycle as our wrappers and carry the same Built Better/Backed Better 3 year warranty.


Belted >

Chosen for conveying lightweight products

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Grip Belted >

Chosen for pacing and holding back line pressure

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Flighted >

Chosen for conveying solid or stable products not prone to shingling

Flighted conveyor

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High Speed Flighted >

Chosen for conveying stacked products prone to shingling

High speed flighted conveyor

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Multipacking >

Chosen for conveying groups of products side-by-side

Multipacking conveyor

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Heavy Duty Belted >

Chosen for conveying large or heavy products

Heavy duty belted conveyor

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Custom Conveyors >

Custom designs for difficult applications

Custom conveyor

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