Custom Shrink Wrapping Solutions

Texwrap is the most trusted name in the  industry when it comes to building custom shrink wrapping systems. Our years of experience in designing solutions for hundreds of different applications with products of all sizes and shapes means that you can have confidence that Texwrap can handle the toughest challenges.

Many shrink wrap applications demand unique material handling solutions to introduce products to the wrapper in a certain configuration or to handle them after shrinking. Whether your application requires stacking, sorting, dividing, combining, controlling, orienting, or a combination of these, we have a solution. From the fastest horizontal and vertical orbital servo wrappers to an incredible variety of infeeds and highly custom product handling systems, you can count on Texwrap to deliver a complete system that will provide years of reliable, low-cost service.

The cost of labor to assemble packages for wrapping and the ever higher speeds required of packaging lines are making devices such as multi-axis robots, pick and place units, and friction feeders a cost-effective option for automating the loading of a shrink wrap system. Mechanical feeders can significantly reduce or eliminate hand feeding and can manipulate items in precise ways and at speeds that are beyond human ability. If your application requires simply adding a top sheet to a stack of product prior to wrapping or robotically building large bundles of product at high speeds, Texwrap has the experience to design, program, and integrate a solution. We are an authorized integrator for Rockwell Automation and Fanuc Robotics.


Application Videos:


Bakery Solutions

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Product Handling

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Inserting, Onserting

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Robotic Handling

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High Speed Screw Feeding


Bakery Solutions >

Systems for the unique needs of the food and baking industry

Lane Combining

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Product Handling >

Custom designs for special application challenges

Roll feeding Hopper


Multipacking >

Groups of products are fed to be combined in a single package

Multipacking infeeds


Dividing /Combining>

Multiple lanes of products are divided or combined for wrapping

Lane dividing 


Inserting, Onserting, Assembly >

Items can be added or a package can be assembled automatically prior to wrapping

Package building


Robotic handling >

Robots manipulate product, build bundles faster and eliminate labor

Robotic Handling


High Speed Screw Feeding >

Streams of back-to-back product are divided into groups for high speed wrapping as a multipack

High Speed Screw Feeding


Productivity Enhancements >

Options to increase system productivity- automatic film splicing systemAutomatic splicing system


Turnkey & 3rd Party Integration >

Total system integration capabilities

Integration Capabilities

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Label Positioning System >

Positions product labels for wrapping


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More Custom Solutions >

Custom products to fit special application needs

Film folder




More Custom Solutions >

Super large format wrapper for doors or other large products

Large format wrapper