Intermittent Motion Side Sealers

 Intermittent motion - With an intermittent motion sealer, the end seal carriage remains stationary and does not move with the product. This necessitates stopping the product stream momentarily as each seal is made.

Side seal wrappers

Side sealers are generally considered the most flexible of the various wrapper styles and are often chosen by contract packagers who have the need to wrap a never-ending variety of packages. These wrappers encapsulate products in a continuous tube of film, sealing along one side of the package and then separating them into individual units downstream using a cross seal. Unlike L-bar sealers, side seal machines can run random products of infinite length.

Two-belt and three-belt side seal wrappers 

Side seal wrappers come in two basic configurations: two-belt and three-belt. Two-belt sealers are made more compact by eliminating one of the infeed belts and making the end seal prior to the side seal. Not much longer than an L-sealer, two-belt units are often the logical choice when customers find themselves needing the ability to wrap longer products without greatly expanding the length of production lines. Three-belt side sealers have the added advantage of being able to precisely space the products prior to entering the wrapping area.

Texwrap Versa Seal side seal

Texwrap side seal wrappers use Texwrap's exclusive TVS side seal to insure consistent, high quality seals across a wide range of film types and gauges. The TVS is a very simple device yet offers outstanding control of the three elements necessary for a good seal: pressure, temperature and time. The TVS requires no air and has very few moving parts for ease of operation and minimal maintenance.

Model ST-2010>

Big capacity in a small 2-belt footprint

2010 intermittent side seal wrapperLearn More


Model STB-1810EH >

Servo seal version of the 2010 

1810EH servo intermittent side seal wrapperLearn More


Model STB-2810 >

Intermittent motion 2-belt side seal wrapper

2810 intermiitent side seal wrapperLearn More


Model ST-2410 >

Intermittent motion 3-belt wrapper 

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Model STB-3014ISS >

Intermittent motion wrapper for large products

3014ISS intermittent motion side sealerLearn More


Model STB-3618ISS>

Intermittent motion wrapper for very large products

3618ISS intermittent motion side sealerLearn More


Model STB-1407ISS >

Intermittent motion servo wrapper

1407ISS intermittent side seal wrapperLearn More