Lap Seal Wrappers

Lap seal wrappers place a nearly invisible overlap seal under the package making a very attractive package while using the minimum width film. Lap sealers use flat or singlewound film which is pulled over a forming plow, overlapped under the package and sealed by use of either a static or thermal seal. As the products flow through the former, they are encapsulated in a continuous tube of film and cut apart downstream by the end seal device. Lap sealers are most popular in applications which call for long runs of constant-sized products because each product requires an individually-sized plow and a specific width of film to be stocked.

Intermittent motion- With an intermittent-motion sealer, the end seal carriage remains stationary and does not move with the product. This necessitates having to stop the product stream momentarily as each seal is made.

Continuous box-motion- The end seal carriage on this style of unit moves with the product making the seal so that the product stream never stops. During the time required to make the seal, the jaws close and the carriage moves forward with the package at the same speed. As the seal is completed, the seal jaws open and the carriage quickly returns to engage the next package. Box-motion refers to this rectangular-shaped path of the sealing head.

Continuous servo orbital- This is the ultimate in speed available in continuous-motion sealers. Patented by Texwrap, orbital head wrappers combine very fast, precise servo controls along with an elliptical motion of the sealing head. This motion allows extremely fast speeds to be reached by eliminating the need for the head to move horizontally with the product in order to make the seal.

Model 1407LS >

Continuous box-motion servo lap sealer


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Model 1606 >

Intermittent motion wrapper for low to moderate speeds

1606 bottom lap seal wrapper

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Model 1809LS >

Servo continuous box-motion wrapper for higher speeds

1809LS bottom lap sealer

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Model 145LS >

Continuous motion servo orbital wrapper for the highest speeds

145LS bottom lap seal wrapper

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