Continuous Motion Tray Wrapping 1000 Series

The continuous motion tray wrapper 1000 Series is a terrific solution for mid-range production speeds.  Working at a constant and consistent pace, this compact tray wrapper is ideal for supported (products placed in a tray or on a pad) and stable products (products that do not require assistance to remain upright).

The tray/pad filled with steady product enters the wrapper on the infeed conveyor and then is automatically wrapped and cooled within the 1000 Series heavy-duty welded tubular steel frame.


  • Compact/heavy duty frame design with powder-coat finish
  • Ergonomic/quick change powered film cradles
  • Maximum maintenance accessibility throughout
  • Tunnel discharge cooling station for fast film curing
  • Allen Bradley PLC / operator interface assures user friendly, reliable operation
  • Servo-driven seal assemblies deliver fast and repeatable seals


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Product specific collation systems such as pacing conveyors,stackers and flighted in-feed systems
  • Floor-mounted film cradles
  • Film splicing stations
  • Project specific designs available
  • On-board pacing conveyors
Request more info about this product

Request more info about this product