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Shrink Wrapping or Shrink Bundling?

The terms "shrink wrapping" and "shrink bundling" are often confused. There are differences both in how the packages are wrapped as well as in how the packages are used. Since Texwrap now offers both solutions with the addition of the Tekkra bundler line to its offering, we are able to guide our customers to the perfect wrapper solution in a customer-focused unbiased manner.

Shrink wrapping:

Shrink "wrapping" generally produces a package destined for retail display. These packages are typically wrapped in high-quality polyolefin film chosen for its ability to provide a clear, sparkling, totally-enclosed finished package meant to enhance the shelf appeal of the product.

Shrink bundling:

Generally, shrink "bundling" produces a more functional package. These packages are wrapped in polyethylene film to protect or unitize the products and appearance is not the primary concern. Shrink bundled packages can include loose or unsupported product wrapped in film only, product on corrugated pads, or product in trays. These packages are typically open with bullseyes on the ends.

When either might work:

In about 80% of all shrink packaging applications, the choice between these two technologies is clear and is dictated by the end use of the package. In the other 20%, either technology could work and the final choice might be dictated by film cost, line speed, machine configuration, size, complexity, or simply customer preference.

General guidelines:

  • If the package is meant for retail display, is required to be totally enclosed, the film will be left on, and appearance is very important; Texwrap shrink wrapping in a polyolefin film is the best solution.
  • If the product is wrapped to unitize multiples, the ends may be left open with "bullseyes", and the film will be removed so that appearance is not a prime concern, Tekkra shrink bundling in a shrink polyethylene film is the logical choice.
  • If the package is required to be totally enclosed with no bullseyes but appearance is not critical, usually Texwrap shrink wrapping is the better choice. This style of wrapper is more naturally suited to producing fully-enclosed packages and can be faster and simpler especially for smaller packages.
  • If the product is in cans, jars or bottles and is wrapped standing up- choose Texwrap if meant for display, Tekkra if meant to unitize.
  • If the product is cans, jars or bottles and wrapped laying down, Texwrap is the choice.