Bakery Goods

Texwrap has almost 20 years experience designing and building shrink wrapping solutions for the bakery industry ranging from simple wrapping of fresh-baked products to the super high speed wrapping of frozen pizzas.

Texwrap infeed systems can handle the most delicate products at speed without damage. Wrappers and infeeds can be ordered in stainless steel versions with various washdown and clean design options. Servo controls minimize maintenance and provide extremely accurate print registration. And, as an added advantage, Texwrap wrappers can usually reduce the amount of film used on every package compared to competitive systems.

Texwrap uses side seal wrappers equipped with our exclusive Texwrap Versa Seal side seal on bakery systems. Our side seal wrappers are capable of making secure seals at the very high film speeds required and we find them more reliable in this environment than lap seal wrappers. This is primarily due to the fact that the crumbs, toppings, and other debris inherent in the bakery environment do not compromise the integrity of a side seal as they can a bottom lap seal.

A consistently secure lap seal is harder to make than a positive side seal and lap seal defects (open seals) are harder to spot. In addition, side sealers often use less film because lap seal plows often have to be oversized due to the variation in size and shape of baked products. Side seal wrappers are also easier to use because they require no parts to change product sizes and are more economical to own because they do not require specific size plows and film for each SKU.


Secondary packaging systems meet quick-changing market demands

Texwrap manufactures equipment than can shrink wrap pizzas, fresh cakes and other baked goods at speeds up to 150 units per minute. We have shrink-wrap applications where trays of mixed products, such as chips or mixed baked goods, are placed directly onto the display shelf. These trays are supported by film, which reduces corrugated consumption and time spent handling the product

New shrink-wrap film formulations add support for products. For example, a cake can come out of the oven and right into the shrink wrapper unsupported, which costs less. These unsupported packages of cakes are sent to retailers, where frosting and personalization are added.

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