In-line Bundling Solutions

The Tekkra in-line wrappers are designed for shrink bundling products that can stand by themselves. Shrink "bundling" generally is used to produce a more functional package.

These packages are wrapped in polyethylene film to protect or unitize the products and appearance is not the primary concern. Shrink bundled packages can include loose or unsupported product wrapped in film only, product on corrugated pads, or product in trays. These packages are typically open with bullseyes on the ends.

Intermittent motion shrink bundler designed to shrink wrap products that, by themselves, are stable enough to transport on a conveyor

The Tekkra 1000 Series are continuous motion tray wrappers that are ideal for products placed in a tray or on a pad or others that do not require assistance to remain upright. A terrific solution for mid-range production speeds.