Ply Gem Increases Output by 150% with Texwrap

Ply Gem is a leading manufacturer of exterior building products and has been manufacturing windows and doors since 1947, and currently packages its windows with a Texwrap shrink wrapping solution to reduce waste and improve production speeds. While Ply Gem was packaging its window products using fully enclosed corrugate boxes, it didn't allow building professionals visibility to the product, and created unnecessary waste. Ply Gem listened to their customers and redesigned its packaging by developing a shrink wrapping solution in partnership with Texwrap. The shrink wrapping solution increased production output by 150% with a payback period in under one year.


  • 150% increase in production output
  • One year payback


Ply Gem packaged all of its window products using a fully enclosed corrugate box and was limited by production speed and package design. The boxes created more waste than desired, and production speed limitations with its current machinery would not be able to keep up with demand. By optimizing its packaging, wastage would be reduced with the intent to increase production output.


Ply Gem partnered with Texwrap to create a custom shrink wrapping solution to suit 15 window sizes by wrapping the entire window and supporting it with corrugated edges. By using two Texwrap Versa Seal systems, both corrugate edges were tightly side sealed using two millimeter polyethylene film for strength and protection. Shrink bundling is a common method for these applications, however the Texwrap shrink wrapping solution provided faster production output and a compact footprint at an economical price.

Large Format Shrink Wrapper - STB-728IDSS


Ply Gem increased production output by 150% and recognized a payback period in under one year while considerably reducing corrugate from their packaging. Texwrap's flexible solution allowed Ply Gem to package its entire catalog of windows using a single machine.

About Ply Gem

Ply Gem Industries Inc. is a leading national manufacturer and distributor of specialty products for the home improvement industry. Its products, which include wood and vinyl windows and doors, vinyl siding and accessories, vacuum cleaner bags, and numerous specialty products, are sold primarily in home stores.

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