Beverages, Wine & Spirits - Shrink Bundled

Tekkra and Kayat SRX shrink bundlers can package a wide range of bottles, jars, cans, and tray products.

Tekkra & Kayat SRX shrink bundlers provide solutions for the beverage, wine & spirits industries that cover the gamut of unsupported and supported multipacks.

Tekkra excels in standard and custom sleeve wrap and bundle beverage packaging solutions for a wide range of bottles, jars, cans, and tray products. Our automated tray and case packagers are designed to reduce production costs. Tekkra beverage systems feature compact frame design, quick changeovers, Allen Bradley PLC operator interface, servo driven seal assembly, and manual load zones.

The Kayat SRX uses bottom overlap technology for strong seals and the ability to showcase printed film graphics. Designed to handle a wide variety of packaged food and beverage products, the SRX uses a single roll of clear or printed film, with speeds up to 60 cycles per minute.

Shrink bundled packages can include loose or unsupported product wrapped in film only, product on corrugated pads, or product in trays. These packages are typically open with bullseyes on the ends.

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