Pizza - Frozen & Fresh

More bakers in the U.S. depend on Texwrap equipment to wrap their pizzas than any other packaging equipment company in the industry.

Texwrap’s pizza packaging expertise spans decades - working with pizza operations large and small. Ranging from regional producers needing medium speed capability, to the largest national brands requiring extreme high-speed custom solutions.

Regardless of the speed required, Texwrap’s heavy duty and reliable pizza handling and shrink packaging systems can improve efficiency, reduce material costs, increase production and better utilize your operating space. The quality and durability of Texwrap equipment provides the lowest total cost of ownership available in the market today.

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The way we treat our customers is every bit as important to us as the quality of our equipment. Texwrap has built relationships with pizza and crust manufacturers large and small, helping each determine the ideal solution for their operation.

Our customers run everything from fully loaded pizzas, to a variety of crusts and breads such as:

  • Sheeted
  • Hot Pressed
  • Cold Pressed
  • Self-Rising
  • Tortillas
  • Flatbread

Texwrap’s patented orbital seal system and proprietary TVS2 Side Seal are known as the industry leaders for speed, efficiency, and durability. Plus, we have the unique ability to design, manufacture and supply custom infeeds, accessories and tunnels with our hallmark turnkey shrink packaging solutions.

Texwrap recognizes that small companies can explode to medium or large very quickly based on private-label contracts. Texwrap equipment helps improve the flexibility of your production line to accommodate that growth.

Complete Automated Pizza Handling Solutions

With ProMach Frozen Pizza Packaging Solutions, you’ll see how your packaging line can deliver more than you thought possible. With the combined offerings of ProMach’s Texwrap, Brenton & Orion brands, our customers can automate wrapping, shrinking, loading, packing and palletizing their products, ensuring efficiencies and gaining consistency in their production.

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Start your integrated pizza line with one of Texwrap's shrink wrappers tailored for pizza production, and equipped for your speed and automation requirements. And, each component is built with corrosion resistant materials to perform in either washdown or wipe down sanitary environments.

4207 M2000 Cartoned Pizzas 6 4 x 3

The M2000 is Brenton’s intermittent motion side load case packer. A Intuitive operation, shortened installation time, straight forward and repeatable changeover are hallmarks of the M2000. Plus the M2000 can handle both cartons and wrapped pizzas in the same machine, as well as special requirements such as labels out club packs.

4141 Robotic Palletizer 23lb 4 x 3

The RP1000 also has a standard library of End of Arm Tools (EOAT) that handle a variety of box styles and provide options to pick and place pallets and sheets as well as the cases.

Orion FA with load 4 x 3

The FA seamlessly integrates with Brenton’s RP1000 palletizer to complete the pizza handling system. Loads are automatically sequenced through the powered infeed conveyor, turntable, and exit conveyors. During the wrap cycle the FA attaches the film tail at the cycle start, quickly wraps, then cuts and wipes the film tail to the load.