Tekkra 100 Series Intermittent Motion In-Line Bundler

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The Tekkra inline shrink bundlers or wrappers are an ideal solution for wrapping trays of product in clear film. The Tekkra 100 Series uses dual rolls of film to envelope the product in trays which is passed through a tunnel to produce a product which is shrink bundled or wrapped with a bullseye at each end.

Tekkra 100 machines are designed to run continuously and withstand the rigors of a production environment. Each machine has a heavy-duty welded tubular steel frame and utilizes servos on all movements. The servo motion ensures greater control over the movement resulting in a better, more reliable seal and creates less wear and tear on the machine overall.

The Tekkra 100 series product uses intermittent motion and is best suited to slow to medium rate applications.

Ideal products for the Tekkra 100 are boxes, loaded trays, or anything that holds itself together well. Available for use in a wide range of industries, this machinery offers a variety of features to quickly and precisely wrap products. This machinery features advanced technology and has the option of being semi- or fully automatic based on customer need.

Features & Specs
  • Compact/heavy duty frame design with powder coat finish
  • Ergonomic/quick change powered film cradles
  • Maximum maintenance accessibility throughout
  • Tunnel discharge cooling station for fast film curing
  • Allen Bradley PLC / operator interface assures user friendly, reliable operation
  • Servo driven seal assemblies deliver fast and repeatable seals
  • Manual or automated in-feed system
  • Clear print film wrapping equipment