Poly Wrapping & Bagging

Poly Wrapping & Bagging Shrink Film Machinery

Many products do not require the shelf appeal of a polyolefin shrink film but do require complete package closure. Simply bagging man products or shrink wrapping them is sufficient to hold them together or protect them from dirt or moisture.

Security Packaging & Tamper Resistance

High value printed items such as game and lottery tickets or expensive items like cosmetics or jewelry can be wrapped in either heavy clear or opaque shrink film to help insure security and deter theft. Protect products from being easily opened and pilfered at the store. Heavy gauge and special super-tough shrink films can give an outstanding level of protection while still producing a very attractive package for display.

Dirt & Moisture Protection

A good example is paperboard or corrugated containers used in food applications such as knock-down pizza boxes to protect them from sources of contamination while in storage.

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VCI for Metals

Various metal products can be protected from corrosion during shipping or in storage by bagging them in VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) film.

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Printed Film Bagging

Texwrap designs machinery for products sealed in a "bag", a cost effective packaging solution that is ideal for retail sale.

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Soft Goods & Clothing

Soft goods such as T-shirts can be bagged in printed poly with the required warning message. Texwrap has even designed wrappers to bag garments on hangers where a slot is left unsealed on the top of the bag where the hanger can be easily accessed after the garment is bagged.

Unitizing & Bundling

Texwrap manufacturers machinery for the many products that require complete enclosure for cleanliness or security, and can be bundled or unitized using shrink film.

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