Protective Packaging & Corrugated Reduction

Use shrink wrapping to reduce packaging material for sustainability, and provide cost savings.

Wrapping products such as doors, windows shelving in heavy gauge shrink films helps protect the surfaces and reduces interior packaging materials. Using the super-duty polyolefin films can make a very attractive package for retail sale in big box stores.

Additionally, heavy gauge shrink film used in combination with a reduced amount of corrugated can dramatically reduce the cost of a package as well as the amount of total packaging materials and disposables.

Lumber & Millwork

Many lumber and wood products producers have found that wrapping expensive wood moldings and millwork can be well protected with shrink film avoiding rework at the job site.Trays of flooring planks are also being wrapped to eliminate part of the corrugated box as the traditional packaging method. This provides the same protection as the box, gives the buyer a view of the actual product color and grain and, in addition, reduces cost as well as the volume of disposables.

Retail Hardware

A wide variety of retail hardware items including wire, fasteners, home air filters, door hardware and many more are routinely packaged in shrink film to unitize multi-part items as well as to allow them to be attractively displayed.