General Industrial Products

General Industrial Products Wrapping & Bundling Systems

Texwrap equipment can be designed to shrink wrap a wide range of industrial products including rolls. Machine parts, lumber, moldings, and others requiring heavy films, special guiding, or customer infeed conveyors.


Quite often, kits made up of multiple parts including fasteners and instructions are packaged in corrugated boxes to be shipped by themselves or to be included with another product such as a stove, range, or microwave. Many of these same kits can be shrink wrapped or bagged to keep them together and make them easy to handle and ship reducing packaging cost and the volume of disposables.

Abrasive Products

Abrasive products such as sanding or grinding disks can be very hard to package and handle and, for this reason the have traditionally been packaged in corrugated boxes. Heavy shrink film with excellent abrasion resistance can be used to protect these products and make them easier to handle.

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Roll Product

Many types of industrial products manufactured in rolls such as fencing, carpet, paper, tubing, pipe, and underlayment large or small can be shrink wrapped either in shrink film for retail display or in poly film just to unitize and protect them.

Hard to Wrap Products

Products that are oddly shaped or hard-to-convey present a unique challenge for choosing machinery.

Various irregularly-shaped or hard-to-convey products can often be wrapped successfully using special guiding or other Texwrap custom product handling systems.

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Protective Packaging & Corrugated Reduction

Wrapping products such as doors, windows, lumber and wood products, or shelving in heavy gauge shrink films helps protect the surfaces and reduces interior packaging materials. Using the super-duty polyolefin films can make a very attractive package for retail sale in big box stores.

Additionally, heavy gauge shrink film used in combination with a reduced amount of corrugated can dramatically reduce the cost of a package as well as the amount of total packaging materials and disposables. A wide variety of retail hardware items including wire, fasteners, home air filters, door hardware and many more are routinely packaged in shrink film to unitize multi-part items as well as to allow them to be attractively displayed.

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