Construction Materials

Wrapping products such as doors, windows shelving in heavy gauge shrink films helps protect the surfaces and reduces interior packaging materials. Using the super-duty polyolefin films can make a very attractive package for retail sale in big box stores.

Plud, heavy gauge shrink film used in combination with a reduced amount of corrugated can dramatically reduce the cost of a package as well as the amount of total packaging materials and disposables.

Side sealers are generally considered the most flexible of the various wrapper styles. Texwrap's side seal machines can run random products of infinite length which is ideal for materials ranging from doors, to shutters, to flooring. For moderate speed production environments the ISS Series of Intermittent Motion Wrappers are the go-to wrapper, or for faster production production rates the CSS Series Continuous Motion Side Sealers is the ideal choice. The TLS Series L-Seal Wrappers are another option for applications where speeds are slow to moderate or where space is limited, these sealers can be affordable and versatile wrappers within a certain range of product lengths which is determined by the L-bar seal head.