Kayat SRX Wrapping Cans of Seltzer in Trays

Texwrap is proud to be a part of ProMach's comprehensive canning solutions line. ProMach's canning portfolio includes 13 brands with equipment ranging from the beginning of the line, to end of line solutions.

Among Texwrap's solutions is the Kayat SRX Series single roll shrink bundler. The Kayat SRX is engineered to handle a wide variety of packaged food and beverage products in clear or print registered film. The SRX series has a robust, industrial design that also provides easy access for operation and maintenance.

In this video the Kayat SRX is bundling trays of canned beverages using clear film. The Kayat SRX incorporates servo controlled timing belts to create even space between trays. And the wrap bar assembly of the Kayat SRX easily adjusts for package height & length without tools. The shrink tunnel of the Kayat SRX uses state-of-the-art air flow control to create the most aesthetically pleasing end product.

Additional features include an ergonomic, maintenance friendly slide out film feed & cut assembly, dual film mandrels with integrated manual splice for fast changeover and reduced downtime, and Allen-Bradley controls with predictive maintenance flags.