Spartan Series 2215 Intermittent Motion L-Seal Shrink Wrapping System

The Spartan runs a wide range of product sizes with 20-80 feet per minute conveyors and Texwrap's exclusive Motion Trim technology. Coupled with its small footprint, this makes the Spartan suited for a wide variety of
applications and environments.

Texwrap Spartan Series – 2215 machinery is flexible to meet a variety of product requirements, including:

  • Wrapping Product
  • Integrated Closing Conveyor
  • Flighted Infeed
  • High Speed Wrapping
  • Ultra-Thin Films

To learn more about the Spart 2215 shrink wrapping machine, click on the L-Seal Systems product page and contact Texwrap today.

The Spartan 2215 Intermittent Motion L-Seal System competes with lower-priced imports, and is the most robust of entry-level L-sealers, and includes many features not usually found on this price range.

This Spartan 2215 features an integrated conveyor which closes to transfer product and opens during sealing. The closing conveyor allows wrapping items as small as 2" in length.

Using a flighted infeed with the Spartan 2215 allows for quicker and easier loading