100 Series In-Line Multipack Shrink Bundler

The Tekkra 100 Series intermittent motion in-line bundle is a sleeve wrapper designed to shrink wrap products by themselves. These systems are designed to bundle products that are stable enough to transport on a conveyor and transfer into the film section without assistance or tipping over. Videos showcasing the Tekkra 100 Series in-line sleeve wrapper. If you are in the market for an in line sleeve wrapping or a custom in line wrapper, give us a call.

Features on the 100 Series in-line bundler include:

  • Ergonomic & quick change powered film cradles
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Clear print film wrapping equipment
  • Tunnel discharge cooling station for fast film curing

With any inquiries and to learn more about the Tekkra 100 Series in-line
multipack shrink bundler, contact Texwrap today.

In this video, the 100 Series wraps feed blocks as they are conveyed through the machine.

See large coils of wire of various sizes being shrink wrapped on the Tekkra 100 Series bundler