Cleaning & Household Products

Cleaning Supplies Packaging Equipment & Household Product Shrink Wrappers

Our obsession with designing shrink wrapping solutions tailored for household products and cleaning supplies is why so many companies rely on Texwrap to help them get their products to market.

Liquids & Other Household Products

For liquid products like disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, floor cleaners, soaps and more, whether it’s stacked, rolled, or in bottles, tubs or jugs Texwrap vertical shrink wrappers bring it all together – pristine presentation, secure containment and unmatched equipment reliability.

Shrink wrapping and bundling systems for all types of household products including Oval Bottles, Tubes, Pump Top Bottles, & Aerosols.

Plates & Bowls

Plastic, foam, and paper plates and bowls of all kinds can be wrapped in either polyolefin or polyethylene film. Often these products require special wrapping techniques to allow them to be nested as they are packed but still present themselves attractively on the store shelf. The secret is not in the wrapper but in Texwrap's uniquely designed shrink tunnels.

Our TLS-2219 and CSS-1809 have been used in diverse applications such as paper plates and bowls, dish soap, pet products, light bulbs and more.

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