Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging Shrink Bundlers & Shrink Wrappers

Many contract packagers rely on Texwrap packaging machinery for their shrink wrapping, shrink bundling and e-commerce applications. Texwrap has packaging solutions tailored for contract packaging. They offer flexibility to handle various product sizes and pack patterns, and provide easy changeover features to minimize downtime.

Contract Packaging

When OEMs have a specific, short-term product packaging demand, they turn to contract packagers. Whether they require regional unitization of bulk packaged products, short term promotional products, or small, new product test runs, Texwrap shrink packaging equipment is uniquely suited to meet those demands. Tailored for contract packaging requirements, Texwrap shrink wrappers are robust, durable solutions, with a high degree of flexibility and ease of changeover. Texwrap designs its shrink-wrapping solutions to wrap a wide range of products while minimizing the amount of film and changeover time required. Our robust, durable machines will operate 24/7 for 7 days a week.

Retail Multipacks

Many types of like items can be automatically grouped and shrink wrapped for shelf display in multipacks. Often these packs use printed film which can produce a very attractive package while hiding individual bar codes, as well as presenting a new multipack code. Texwrap even has a label orienting system that automatically aligns the individual items in a pack to face the same way.

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