Dairy & Ice Cream

Dairy Shrink Wrapper Machines & Dairy Shrink Bundlers

Shrink wrapping and bundling systems for all types of dairy products: ice cream rounds, ice cream squares, tapered cups, gable-top milk cartons, aseptic containers, milk jugs, ice cream novelties.

Dairy Products

Texwrap stainless steel corrosion-resistant systems are very popular for wrapping products such as cheeses, coffee flavors, yogurt, and ice cream for cleanliness and unitizing.

Ice Cream

Texwrap is a leading developer of shrink wrapping and bundling systems for ice cream and dairy products. In the dairy industry, Tekkra has developed specific integrated packaging systems to ensure that products, such as ice cream, frozen goods, and chilled dairy products, remain intact throughout shipping, distribution, and stocking.

Packaging ice cream products requires gentle handling and wrapping. Keeping frozen products from melting, spilling, or leaking is vital.

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