Integrated Packaging Line Flexes Strengths of Texwrap, Quest and Serpa at PACK EXPO 2023

Aug 03, 2023

The ability to collaborate between brands to develop and execute fully cohesive solutions is what defines the power of ProMach. A great portrayal of this integrated collaboration between Texwrap, Quest, and Serpa can be seen in action in booth C-3625 at PACK EXPO 2023, September 11-13, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

This integrated line features filled canisters being tray packed, shrink wrapped and palletized – depicting packaging applications common in the nutraceutical and food industries.

Pack Expo 2023 Texwrap Serpa Quest Collaboration

PACK EXPO attendees will see a fully operating line starring a Serpa FG1 top load tray former that will be forming trays from corrugated blanks. Serpa top load tray formers are built with a heavy-duty frame and quick-change forming heads that make changeover quick, simple, and repeatable for 24/7 operation.

From there trays travel on the conveyor to a Quest QP200-SA2 case packer, where a FANUC SCARA and articulated robot orientate, pick, and place shrink wrapped canisters by CL&D into the awaiting trays. Next, trays containing 12 canisters each are wrapped with film on a Tekkra T-1030 in-line shrink bundler system from Texwrap. The Tekkra T-1030 is a continuous motion shrink bundler with servo driven seal bar and carriage, and is best suited for medium to high-speed applications.



Finally, a Quest Box Bot QB320 space-saving robotic palletizer picks up wrapped trays and places them on a floor level pallet to complete the demonstration. Every Box Bot comes standard with QBox pallet building software that allows operators to create new pallet patterns based on the size of the case and pallet. The Box Bot offers more than 24 standard designs to reduce complexity and lead times.

ProMach advantage

ProMach is a solutions-based company; it first analyzes the problem or challenge, and then designs a solution that best meets the customers’ production goals. ProMach and its 46 brands are grouped into distinct business lines that span the entire packaging line.

This packaging line at PACK EXPO 2023 is a great demonstration of the type of integrated packaging solution ProMach and its brands can develop to meet the full scope of automation needs of customers. Projects like this allow customers to have one central point of contact, and that contact serves as a one-stop, full-service provider by connecting multiple ProMach solutions together. This level of integration involves professional project management to streamline the planning process, installation, and start-up for packaging lines.

Texwrap (C-3625), Quest (C-3425) and Serpa (C-3433) are located next to each other within the ProMach village at PACK EXPO 2023. To see how these three brands and the power of ProMach can help you with your next packaging application, visit them at PACK EXPO 2023. For more information on the specific brands, visit Texwrap at, Quest at; or Serpa at


About Texwrap

Known as the industry innovator, Texwrap holds patents on some of the most significant breakthrough technologies in the shrink wrapping and bundling business. Texwrap produces automatic shrink wrapping systems, L-bar sealers, side sealers, tunnels, infeed solutions, and conveyor systems for the food, bakery, industrial, mailing, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, retail, printing, and publishing industries. Texwrap also manufactures the Tekkra line of shrink bundling systems. As part of the ProMach End of Line business line, Texwrap helps our packaging customers protect and grow the reputation and trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Texwrap at and more about ProMach at

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