Apparel & Footwear

Texwrap e-commerce solutions are designed for high-demand e-commerce businesses looking to improve efficiency, while reducing material and freight costs. Additionally, our proprietary SmartTrack product tracking feature helps reduce order fulfillment errors and the related expenses. Popular applications include

Texwrap's E-commerce systems are significantly faster than manual operations and make shipping products quick and seamless. Plus we incorporate Smart Track our proprietary error prevention system.

Texwrap's e-Pack 3322 creates ready-to-ship custom-sized mail packages with shipping labels. The e-Pack 3322 can integrate with multi-carrier shipping software and gathering and reporting data on exceptions to more smoothly run order fulfillment. Companies using the e-Pack realize increased throughput, decreased DIM weight freight costs, and are able to save up to 50 percent on material costs. Ideal for e-commerce packaging of shirts, shoes, accessories, blankets, boxes, puzzles, customized or personalized apparel and more.