Changeover Reduction Options

As finding, attracting and maintaining skilled labor continues to be a hot topic throughout manufacturing, CPGs have been reaching out to packaging automation OEMs to seek solutions that will help to alleviate some of the issues through automation. These discussions lead Texwrap to has develop optional features on their shrink wrapping equipment that help decrease the dependency on highly trained workers, while also decreasing labor hours, and increasing changeover efficiency.

Changeover Assist Package

The most comprehensive option is the Changeover Assist Package. The Changeover Assist Package is a game changing collection of recipe-driven automatic adjustments tailored to your product requirements. The recipe can adjust the inverting bar, film feed, side seal conveyor, and end seal, as well as adjustment of integrated tunnel controls.

The growing popularity of this feature is no surprise as each component is moved to the precise programmed location dictated in the recipe. Thus, the opportunity for operator error is basically eliminated. And, all the adjustments happen simultaneously, so your equipment is up and running quickly.

Other components of Texwrap’s changeover reduction offering are the Manual Film Splice and the Automatic Film Splice film cradles.