Automatic on-the-fly Film Splicing Option

The automatic on-the-fly film splicing option is a productivity enhancement used in a wide range of industries. Texwrap offers automated packaging machinery to maintain production throughput, efficient packaging processes, and integrated options.

This system allows continuous running with no production stops for film roll changes, featuring pointed film splicing at 200 fpm. The splice is visible in the film web while dissimilar films are used for photographic clarity. During this process, there is a clean splice that passes through the centerfolder and formers.

Features on this automatic film splicing option include a festoon system used to allow the rolls to stop momentarily, hot wire used to seal webs together and cut the tail, and accurate splicing place in clear areas of printed film.

As the roll nears the core, a signal is sent to automatically initiate the splice. Then, after the splice is made, the operator removes the empty roll, loads a new roll, and prepares the splice. With a capacity to hold up to 19-inch diameter quad rolls, this machine is durable, reliable, and efficient.

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