EPS Series Auto Mailer Systems for E-commerce

The EPS Series auto mailer systems for e-commerce are designed to increase speed while maintaining precision in each application. With an ever-evolving e-commerce industry, it’s crucial for the e-commerce packaging and shipping process to be efficient and accurate. These machines ensure high quality packaging via ready-to-ship custom-sized mail packages.

Features on the e-pack auto mailer systems include:

  • SmartTrack to prevent order fulfillment errors
  • Manual Packing Labor Cost Savings
  • Speeds up to 20 mailers per minute
  • Versatility to accommodate diverse product sizes

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Watch the EPS-3322 Auto-Mailer create ready-to-ship custom-sized mail packages for high-demand e-commerce businesses.

Texwrap's e-Pack 3322 can help improve throughput, reduce labor and material costs, all while helping reduce the potential for errors.

An e-commerce wrap-to-ship system is highlighted in this video with the EPSS-2011 shrink wrapper