200 Series Side Infeed Multipack Shrink Bundler

Texwrap offers a wide range of shrink wrap machines, shrink bundlers, and sealing systems. The Tekkra 200 Series Side Infeed Bundler is designed to take one unsupported product and turn it into a multipack. This bundling system ensures that the product is contained and assisted through the entire shrink wrapping process.

Features on the Tekkra 200 Series Side Infeed Bundler include:

  • Tunnel discharge cooling station for fast film curing
  • Servo-driven main ram for product control and simplified changeovers
  • Maximum maintenance accessibility throughput

With any inquiries and to learn more about the Tekkra 200 Series Side Infeed Bundler, contact Texwrap today.

Hand wipe products are conveyed along the 200 Series machine and wrapped in bundles.

Paint cans are divided into sections and conveyed using the 200 Series.

Scround ice cream package convey into a rotary inverter and then convey to a lane divider. Packages are formed into 2 x 3 packs and shrink wrapped.

Industry leading high efficiency heat chamber with multiple air flow control points allows for creating optimum package integrity.

Spray bottles collated and shrink wrapped on 200 Series machine.

Side infeed bundler creates pharmaceutical multipacks

A single lane conveyor to divides product into two lanes, a servo product pusher then segments the multipack