CSS Series Continuous Motion Side Seal Wrappers - 2011, 1407, 1809

Texwrap offers a wide range of automatic wrapping and sealing solutions. The CSS side seal wrappers are dependable and efficient. CSS Series continuous motion side sealer is designed for high speed line applications. The shrink wrapper uses a box-motion movement so the sealer moves horizontal with the product being sealed.

Watch videos of the CSS wrapping diverse products, including:

  • Ice cream
  • Cakes
  • Pies
  • Pizzas

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From pizza production to paper products, learn about features that can help you realize the lowest total cost of ownership in high speed horizontal shrink wrapping.

Watch the flexibility of the CSS-1407 as it wraps different combinations of additives

In this application, the CSS-2011 is creating multipacks of T-shirts with several different pack patterns, as selected using the recipe driven touchscreen HMI. The infeed includes a unique stacking feature to create the shirt stacks.

The CSS-1809 is an ideal wrapper for paper plates

Complete solution for packaging shrink wrapped trays of eggs

See the versatility of the CSS-1407 continuous motion side seal shrink wrapper as it provides a clean and neat protective wrap on boxes of candy with a complete system that includes optional features to help increase productivity.

CSS Series side seal wrappers are capable of making secure seals at the very high speeds, and are ideal for bakery applications

The CSS-1407 in this video is a corrosion resistant model being used to wrap dog treats. The CSS Series is very flexible and easily adjusts for varying product shapes and sizes

Trays of vials wrapped with a continuous motion side seal wrapper

Servo smart belts evenly space product