Side Seal Wrappers

Texwrap's side seal machines can run random products of infinite length. They are ideal for products large and small, and with intermittent motion, continuous motion and orbital motion series there's a side seal for most any speed production line.

Side seal wrappers available from Texwrap includes:

  • OSS Series Side Sealers
  • LSS Series Intermittent Motion Side Seal Wrappers
  • CSS Series Continuous Motion Side Seal Wrappers

With any inquiries and to learn more about the side seal systems, click on the product page and contact us today.

Watch the OSS Series side seal wrappers are Texwrap's highest speed continuous-motion sealers in action wrapping products including bakery goods, pizza, multipack cartons, cups and more.

For products large and small at moderate speeds the ISS Series provides consistent for products large and small. See the ISS Series wrapping notebooks, baked goods, leaf blower kits, cards and more.

CSS Series continuous box-motion side sealer is designed for high speed line applications. Watch videos of the CSS wrapping products ranging including ice cream, cakes, pies, pizzas...